RAD – Magenta Cyan White

Anxious Magazine RAD – Magenta Cyan White

RAD: project founded in 2022 by singer/writer Brisa Roché and producer/musician Nicolas Laureau.

RAD: haunting duo creating collaborative slap-you-in-the-face landscapes between blues/elvin singing and drone/guitar exhalations.

RAD: quasi-Tantric dialogue between alarmingly raw improv, electronica, story-telling and heart-of-guitar.

RAD: reduction of « radical », a term used for cool/awesome in the California of the 1980s.

RAD: according to Brisa and Nicolas « A punk lullaby, an inner dialogue turned outer, breathing guitar, NY meets CA meets France with transformation transgender, FX, nature/mountains plus urban plus dreamscapes. FIRE and ICE. »

released November 9, 2023

RAD is : Nicolas Laureau and Brisa Roché.
Recorded and produced by RAD, December 2022 – February 2023.