Weisskalt Records / DL / 2024

AP DUCAL – U Anxious magazine

AP DUCAL is a solo independent project formed in 2012, by Chilean Camilo Palma. He is a member of groups such as Mutrone, Fulin Lawen and Föllakzoid (concert assistance only). The core is heavily based on improvisational live sessions, forming a kind of psychedelic, ambient soundtrack. 

U is AP DUCAL’s second full-length album, with most of the tracks recorded between 2022 and 2023. It was released via the mysterious underground label Weisskalt Records, sadly only in digital form. Cosmic, based on a motoric rhythm U includes 4 improvised tracks. While creating his music for the most recent album, Palma has played all the instruments involved. Another Chilean musician Sebastián Román (Persona RS), with whom Palma has previously collaborated, has added his sounds as a guest.

Musically, U is a continuation of AP DUCAL’s earlier work, witch contains pulsating rhythms, strong influences of cosmische musik and krautrock, inspirations of post-punk and new wave, and all that within the spirit of free improvisation. Camilo Palma created most of the songs in the first approach with the help of a drum machine, with which he built the motorics of the tracks. The guitar played warmer, more organic and at times more aggressive sounds, and the bass line was made with the help of two synthesizers giving them a bubbling, burbling and spacial sound. 

AP DUCAL project with its new release is a piece of good addictive and freely flowing music that can absorb you completely. It swallowed me up and as I delved into it, and it suddenly ended, leaving me somewhat unfulfilled. It makes you crave for more and this alone is a proof of its greatness. The only downside for me, as a fan of physical media, is the releasing of such great music in digital form. It is really worth publishing on a physical. I highly recommend it!

Release date: 16 lutego 2024

Jarosław Mak

Translated by: Marta Podoska