E-Saggila – Gamma Tag

Anxious magazine E-Saggila – Gamma Tag

The euphonic tics of E-Saggila’s music are typically found in symbiosis with the exacting intensity of her rhythmic arrangements, as meticulously deranged as they are. ‘Gamma Tag’ refreshes expectations by making more space for melodic conditioning and inculcation, whipping ultraviolet harmonics into uncanny plains for a wide range of tempos and cadences.

While breaks remain staccato hammers, and kicks are cast to negate cardiac systems, E-Saggila’s modulation of rhythmic dynamics is more pronounced, affording a resonance and balance that had previously been mentioned but not yet entirely explored. On more measured pieces, such as ‘Amnesiac’ and ‘Tick’, the searing digital signal envelops the horizon line, twisting the mechanics of the tracks until they burst with electromagnetic nectar.

released January 26, 2024

All tracks written and produced by Rita Mikhael in Toronto, Canada 2023
Mastered by Giuseppe Tillieci at EnissLab, Rome
Visual by Dominique Saiegh

Northern Electronics