David Wallraf – The Commune Of Nightmares

Karlrecords / MC/DL / 2024

Anxious magazine David Wallraf – The Commune Of Nightmares

David Wallraf’s album, The Commune of Nightmares, takes listeners on a unique journey through his musical world. Using the cadavre exquis technique, Wallraf creatively weaves surreal elements into his sonic structures. This album is more than just a collection of songs; it is a fascinating odyssey.

Cadavre exquis, also known as exquisite corpse, is a creative method in which different artists collectively create a collection of words or images. Each person contributes their unique part to the work, and the process unfolds sequentially, following certain rules or leaving only the last part visible to the next person. This approach, pioneered by the Surrealists, creates a unique work that is the result of collaboration and interaction between different artists.

Wallraf utilises a technique that involves basing his compositions on loops. Each track on the album is the outcome of a random selection of tapes, some of which were found on the street, while others were sourced from cassette archives of the 1990s and early 2000s. This results in a musical game of cadavre exquis, where the artist creates sonic narratives.

The Commune of Nightmares is not only a sonic journey, but also a profound immersion into the soulful atmosphere that the artist deftly creates. It is a unique story about a sonic community where minimalism blends with moments of intense peculiarity.

The discerning ear will immediately detect the subtle yet tangible soulfulness that permeates each track. Wallraf creates minimalist soundscapes that infiltrate the listener, as if penetrating through the gaps of everyday life. It is an atmosphere in which musical narratives emerge from the unconscious, revealing hidden areas of sonic experience.

Despite the minimalist approach, the album occasionally explodes in intensity, creating a chilling aura. The sounds seem to emerge from the depths of the unconscious, giving the tracks an unpredictable dimension. It’s like navigating through a labyrinth of emotions, where minimalism builds tension that can make you shudder.

Therefore, the album is not only a sonic experiment but also a study in mood. Wallraf takes the listener through a sultry and minimalist space, where every sound evokes tension and surprise. The album invites reflection on the sensory experience of sound and exploration of the mysterious sonic enclave of nightmares created by the artist.

released January 26, 2024

Artur Mieczkowski

Translated by: Przemek Król