Concepción Huerta – The Earth Has Memory

Elevator Bath / LP/DL / 2024

Anxious magazine Concepción Huerta – The Earth Has Memory review

Concepción Huerta is a Mexican-born sound artist, photographer and music video maker. You had the opportunity to read about her creative endeavors before, in an interview she did with Anxious Magazine in January.

Her album The Earth Has Memory had just been released by Elevator Bath, a Texas-based label. The label itself should already be well-known among insightful readers of Anxious, because of the previously reviewed albums made by Rick Reed or Colin Andrew Sheffield, who is the label’s founder. The artist describes her album in the following words: “The sonic idea of the album is to travel to the center of the earth, to be able to listen to all the tectonic plate movements, and at the same time it is a meditative link to sound by merging with the center of the earth – as Pauline Oliveros suggests for this kind of listening exercise.”

The Earth Has Memory carries us into the realm of the prepared music, into the shifting lava of sounds sometimes harsh and dangerous, and sometimes gentle and organic. The material circulates in rather fluid, moving tones with changing intensity structures. Isolationistic ambient shining with its purity and space enters the embrace of noisy tensions, to further take us to its depths. Where the darkness and uncertainty prevails. The music produced by Huerta reveals a hazy landscape of intuitive noises, or perhaps this is what connecting with the Earth tastes like. A touch of the Sacred?

Provide yourself with a journey of deep listening to the center of the Earth, to sounds both prepared and unknown. To the uncertain space beneath the surface of The Earth Has Memory, to the moment that releases all vibrations and frequencies. I’m still drowning in it.

Release date: 02 February 2023

Michał Majcher

Translated by: Marta Podoska