Shiggeru, Shackleton & Omutaba – The Three Hands of Doom

Anxious magazine Shiggeru, Shackleton & Omutaba – The Three Hands of Doom

**Boomkat Review **

Heavy, heavy, heavyyyyy rhythmic madness from Shackleton, Scotch Rolex and Omutaba, invoking new rhythmic traditions on an enchanted debut album for Nyege Nyege Tapes, twisting galvanic rhythms from HHY & The Kampala Unit’s Omutaba into sozzled, psychedelic peregrinations. Dubby, kinetic and viciously mind-bending, it’s peak gear if you’re into anything from African Head Charge to Mark Ernestus’ Ndagga Rhythm Force.

Leading on from Shackleton and Scotch Rolex’s maiden merger, ‘Death by Tickling’ in 2023, the duo pull in the dextrous limbs of Omutaba – known from his work with STILL, Metal Preyers and HHY & The Kampala Unit – for a dervishing session of dubbed-out and tumbling polyrhythms and psychoactive vibes as Three Hands of Doom. Shackleton’s hand on the tiller is patently apparent but, as with his recent works with Heather Leigh and Wacław Zimpel, he proves a mutable collaborator and porous to the shared spirits of fellow electronic music journeymen Scotch Rolex and Uganda’s Omutaba in four swingeing sections defined by their joint ability to diffract the flow between rolling and irregular grooves.

‘Ring Dirt’ opens the session with a limber display of monotone strings and suspenseful synth work that calls to mind Can sent economy class to the equator for ritual teachings. Enlightened, they proceed thru the lush, whorling metric calculations of ‘Insect Vibration’, layering shivering incantations and worm-charming subs with a frisson of field recordings. At this point fully attuned to each other, Omutaba’s Ugandan drumming is felt most powerfully meshed into the 10 minute matrix of rug-pulling and thunderous detonations to ‘Burnt Earth’, before they all buckle into the outright dread of a standout eponymous title tune that appears to follow rhythms from the Congo thru West Africa, to Haiti, via Japan and Berlin, and back to Uganda.

Both Shackleton and Ishihara have been on blistering form in the last couple of years, and ‘Three Hands of Doom’ feels like both a continuation and an extension of last year’s ‘Death By Tickling’, weaponizing Omutaba’s exhilarating playing into something that feels much, much more than the sum of its parts. 

released January 11, 2024

Production and arrangement by Scotch Rolex & Shackleton
Live Drums by Omutaba

Artwork by Moroto Hvy Ind & Jonathan Uliel Saldanha
Graphic Layout & Text by Kid Gringo
Mastered by Declared Sound