Seabuckthorn – this warm, this late

Anxious magazine Seabuckthorn – this warm, this late

Music by Seabuckthorn
Mastered by Alex at quiet details studios
Artwork by quiet details in collaboration with Seabuckthorn
Design by quiet details

So pleased to announce that next to give us their interpretation of quiet details is the supremely talented multi-instrumentalist, Andy Cartwright, here as his widely-loved alias, Seabuckthorn.

Exploring all manner of experimental techniques and genres, Seabuckthorn has a string of wonderful releases, on top-tier labels such as LAAPS/IIKKI, Eilean Rec, Fluid Audio, Lost Tribe Sound and more.

This, combined with regular international live shows and music for film, art shows and other media, makes him stand out as one of the most intriguing and forward-thinking artists of recent years.

With ‘this warm, this late’ he’s taken all this experience and deep understanding of music to create something truly stunning.

Working with double bassist and trombonist Phil Cassel, he’s crafted an album that stands unique in the quiet details series – extended guitar techniques and incredible melodic intuition leading to twelve tracks that traverse emotions in the most beautiful way.

The playing is virtuosic while retaining so much soul and feeling it’s both a breathtaking and hypnotic listen – delicate tones mix with sounds that are pushed to the edge of gorgeous harmonic distortion, guitars mixed with Andy’s ukulele, banjo, clarinet and field recordings – affected and processed into what could well be felt as transcendental experience.

Phil’s double bass and brass complements it perfectly – two musicians clearly in lock-step with each other – responding and improvising sections to become something that’s far more than the sum of its parts.
Deep drones and distant, hard to recognise shadows appear and dissolve as we move through the album – the first time I heard this I was immediately in love – hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

The artwork was made as always influenced by the music and idea behind the album – this time originating from a picture Andy sent over, which was then captured with analogue photography and processed here at quiet details studios. I dearly love this one – a wonderful juxtaposition to some of our other releases.

A very special album in every regard – huge thanks to Seabuckthorn for everything.
As usual, the album is presented on the physical edition, a custom 6-panel digipack with a separate fine art print too.
The CD also has a special long-form continuous mix of the album, representing the music in its purest form. 

released April 17, 2024

quiet details