Blanket Swimming – Archway

Anxious magazine Blanket Swimming – Archway

Tunnel of ancient trees –
Guiding me through to the pond
at the center of the forest.
At the sudden sound
Of the null name intoned –
All quiet, all gleaming.
O home in the woods –
Restoring me back to order.
Temple of the Earth.

Nicholas Maloney is a sound artist from the American South. They create concrète compositions under thier given name, fluid ambient music as Blanket Swimming, and is 1/2 of the experimental music duo, Picture Rather Muted. Maloney holds an MA in Experimental Sound Practice from University College Cork, Ireland and a BA in Audio Production from the University of Southern Mississippi. Maloney works with field recording, guitar, synthesizers, and a variety of processed instruments/sound sources to create an abstract world of immense depth and range. Maloney’s work expresses stillness and activity, lightness and dark, in order to provide a rich imaginative space for listeners to explore. They also curate the labels Asonu, Warm Milk Recordings, and operates their self-publishing banner, Open Colour Imprint.

released January 13, 2024

Recorded, shaped, mixed, and mastered from June – October 2023.
Created using field recordings from mobile phone, acoustic guitar, banjo, ocarina, sine tone
generator, and various effects processing units.
All music, photography, and words by Nicholas Maloney