Two years of ANXIOUS online!

Two years of ANXIOUS online!

The history of ANXIOUS begins in 1998. It was then that I came up with the idea to fill, as far as I could, the scene gap with unobvious, unheard, hardly available music. Nine issues were published in hard copy, where you could read interviews, articles, reviews related to artists such as ZA SIÓDMĄ GÓRĄ, KINSKY, KSIĘŻYC, COLUMN ONE, DEATH IN JUNE, SOL INVICTUS, COIL, CURRENT 93, SPEAR, GODFLESH, JARBOE, THIGHPAULSANDRA, VOLCANO THE BEAR and many, many more.

Anxious Magazine

The energy and commitment continued until 2003, when there was an increasing expansion of online media and the associated financial difficulties of publishing a paper magazine.

Anxious Magazine

ANXIOUS went silent for 18 years. In mid-August 2021, the thought of a reactivation in online form was born. The word became flesh, and here we are. We have been going on like this for two years now. During this time, thanks to the commitment of many people, we have managed to publish more than a thousand (!) texts. Numerous reviews, interviews, information about premieres, concerts, artists’ galleries – you can find it all in our magazine. In addition, we patronize festivals, concerts, discover new artists and try to present them to you as fully as possible.

Anxious magazine

We are an independent service, we do not base our activity on income, advertising and the like. We all write about music out of passion, and we are passionate about passing on our knowledge to you. None of the editors are paid.

Unfortunately, the rising costs of maintaining the server, domain, SSL certificate and other financial things have put us in the position of having to ask for your support so that we can continue to operate in our current, and ultimately even more developed form. I make no secret of the fact that this is a difficult situation for us (asking you), but you have already proven that ANXIOUS matters to you by visiting our site and supporting us with larger and smaller amounts, for which we thank you continually.

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We hope we’re doing it right and providing you with lots more amazing content about your beloved music. Our plans are indeed many.

Artur Mieczkowskic – chief editor