The Witching Tale – What Magic Is This?

Anxious Magazine The Witching Tale – What Magic Is This?

The Witching Tale are Katharine Blake and Michael J York

All music: Katharine Blake, Michael J York
All lyrics: Katharine Blake

Katharine Blake: vocals, sopranino, descant and treble recorder, violin
Michael J York: Synthesisers, bagpipes, duduk, great bass recorder, electric guitar
Charlie Cawood: lyre, gothic lap harp, zither, guzheng, taishogoto
Catherine Gerbrands: musical saw
Additional vocals: Sarah Kayte Foster, Rosa Marsh

releases October 6, 2023

Produced by Katharine Blake
Engineered by Katharine Blake, Michael J York
Mixed and mastered by Rob Toulson at RT Sixty
Photography by Rachel Le Faye
Dedicated to the memory of Helen New, Fire Witch