Juho Toivonen – Kasveille ja El​ä​imille

Juho Toivonen – Kasveille ja El​ä​imille Anxious Magazine

Juho Toivonen is a 25-year-old experimental musician from Pori, Finland whose debut solo tape “Lament & Rejoice” was released in 2021 and soon after that his sophomore follow up “Suurpää” came to see the light of the day. After these releases filled with deep drones and ominous ambience, Toivonen is reaching for new heights.

On his first solo vinyl “Kasveille ja Eläimille” Toivonen meditates using improvised repetitions made with untuned piano that is accompanied with occasional field recordings and sustained synthesizers. Ultraääni is proud to co-release this idiosyncratic long playing record with Netherlands very own Futura Resistenza.

released April 24, 2023

Performed, recorded & mixed by : Juho Toivonen
Painting on the cover: Arsi Keva
Lay-out by: Koos Slep
Mastered by: Samuli Tanner