Fossa Magna フ​ォ​ッ​サ​マ​グ​ナ– Fossa Magna

WV Sorcerer Productions 巫唱片 /  2LP/CD/DL / 2023

Fossa Magna Anxious Magazine

When it comes to harsh noise the affair is brusquely simple – you either hear it or you don’t. In fact, no one who doesn’t like to wade through the fog that deceptively resembles the informational noise that surrounds us on a daily basis will conclude, after reading a review – oh this is there, and here is the point of reference… because there just won’t be one. You certainly wont find it at the first time. When a person goes to an escape room, the idea is to have difficulties in getting out, not to go down as if it were as simple as making sandwiches. You enter “Fossa Magna” at your own risk, just as you do with those overblown (because people like it on the edge) tabernacles of dubious pleasure.

You can’t sort it out in your head until you find yourself in the eye of the cyclone. I personally determine such a ritual calming. We are living surrounded by constant noise, and I have an old Yamaha amplifier in my head, yet here immersed in the totally uncompromising cacophony I experience something similar to WiFi signal distortion. Tranquility even. I am simply absent in this reality. I can’t explain it any other way than being in the middle of a track, surrounded by sounds on all sides, invading, stroking, whispering – in a nutshell, funding a pretty heavy sensory overload. Is it an extreme experience? Somewhat yes. Do I recommend it? Definitely yes.

For those of you who need guidance, however, I’ll stretch a little:
The first stunt, about 3rd minute, 3:15 maybe… the sky is dropping to the earth. Not just at our doorstep, there are whole galaxies dying. Apocalypse. And the idea – at last I can see what is behind that wall. And there goes the 2nd and 3rd wall and so on until the number 6. Like hurdle-running in a wheelchair. 

And who is twitching a finger in this “big japanese crack”? I have to admit, it sounds like an eurovision (intentionally lowercase) announcement in my head, but I’ll exclaim it anyway: Jaaaaaapaaaan, and in the one corner its humble representation – Hiroshi Hasegawa – performing, as he calls it, “brutal ambient,” next the United States of America – Ethan Lee McCarthy aka “Many Blessings” (Primitive Man etc.) doom, evil and heavy clouds induction, and last but not least, a fearless duo from Philippines – “Coalminer” – some of the power electronics from Chester Masangya (spell that name yourself) and Robert Glen Dilanco. The collabo is as strong as Demi Moore’s thighs in the “G.I. Jane” movie. Literally no one there is ready to compromise. None of the links are weak.

They probably sat down one evening and figured:
– Hey guys, let’s record an album that is able to trigger a great folding on the cerebral cortex, the kind that will form volcanoes, separate lands and expand horizons.
– Yeah, if only it would be cozy, so that there would off course be a pounding, but a concentrated one!
– I would like people, listening to this, to stop being afraid of death….
This is how I imagine it. 

I could draw you a map, show you and illuminate every single angle of “Fossa Magna”, but what’s the point? As every sensation here will be a rip-off plastic bag tossed to the wind. It will continue dancing equally beautifully every time, but stil different. 

Marta Podoska