Castillo + Jarboe – CONNOTATIONS (Chapter Three)

s magazine Castillo Jarboe  CONNOTATIONS

Jarboe vocalized; words, sounds, and drones on all songs. She also added piano, keyboards, and sonic manipulations on many.

Castillo created the sound beds with: rhythm programming, guitars, twanger, tongue-drum, bowed saw, big drum, bass guitar, magnets, keyboards, bongos, cello, loops, bass melodica, sound manipulations, and vocal sounds.

Thor Harris contributed beauty, groove, and power with; marimba, clarinet, tongue drum, flute, triangle, twanger, spacephone, trumpet, zils, blow organ, terrible viola, Russian toy, and vibraphone.

Jerry Blue contributed texture and chaos with; organ, vox, electric piano, drums, and backward guitar.

released February 3, 2024