UTON – Archaic Symbols

UTON – Archaic Symbols Anxious Magazine

This album was recorded in early 2022. It´s a sampler based multilayer composition with some additional playing (for example electric guitar on track 2, and some synth waves in several places). Mixed in many parts during 2022 and also once in early 2023.

Cassette and CDR versions are available in pre-order only, which means that when the pre-order is over (1st May), there´s no more option to buy these physical copies. Only the pre-order editions of the physical versions will be available. If some label wants to release this album properly on cassette/vinyl/CD at some point, then we will have some more copies (logically). Digital version will stay here in Bandcamp for a longer period, but the price tag might change at some point.

Archaic Symbols album supports the listeners inner journey to the deep mystical research about the hidden or unseen worlds and perspectives. These symbols are carved into our collective memory, from the forgotten ages.

Music, photography, artwork, production by Jani Hirvonen


released March 15, 2023