Tomo-Nakaguchi – The Long Night in Winter Light

Tomo-Nakaguchi – The Long Night in Winter Light Anxious Magazine

“The Long Night in Winter Light” is an album that began in the fall of 2021, just after the production of “Tayutau” was finished. Compared to its predecessor, which was characterized by a kaleidoscope of sounds created through a dizzying array of myriad material, this album was produced in a more restrained manner, with fewer effects and experimental sounds, and instead features strings and piano at its core. The resulting sound evokes a beautiful, majestic, and harsh snowfield. This world may still be in darkness. However, the beauty of the starry sky that we casually look up at seems to cast a ray of light on this world. I believe that this album can be like that.

released March 11, 2023

Tomo-Nakaguchi is musician / sound artist living in Yokohama, Japan. He is a member of experimental rock band “1769” and multimedia group “skyward photo film”. His work creates dreamy and warm texture use layers of modulated acoustic / electric guitar, sampler, broken tape machine, field recordings and many instruments sound.

• Mastering: Masahiro Kawano
• Album photo: Asuka Takemoto