Old Saw – Sewn the Name

Old Saw – Sewn the Name Anxious Magazine

Diving from an elevated perch; down deeper, where the rooms get smaller, the edges rougher, and air more saturated. Overgrown and subterranean, “Sewn the Name” is a collection of quivering dirges, new choreographies for old ceremonies. Coming in at a refracted angle from the elevated posture of Old Saw’s first album, “Country Tropics”, the tone is dimmer and burns lower. The group still makes their home within the parameters of creaking country laments; jagged fiddle drone, soaring pedal steel, and prickly banjo plucks. Clattered bells and textures are dredged up in the process and leave us with an altogether more holistic impression of how beauty is situated amidst mess. Old Saw works within the elasticity between compressed spaces and expansive outlooks. Lush and confined, this is music tethered to the ground and burrowing further still.


released March 31, 2023

Henry Birdsey – pedal steel, lap steel, tape machines
Bob Driftwood – banjo
Harper Reed – shepherd’s bells
Al Lakely – 12-string guitar
Ira Dorset – fiddle

Recorded at Meridian HQ 2021-2022
Mastered by Andrew Weathers
Layout by Ximena Bedoya & Sam Wenc
Images sourced from public domain