Nein Rodere – Form & Feeling

Nein Rodere – Form & Feeling

Roughly a year on from Catch Up with What Party +, Nein Rodere returns to Horn of Plenty with Form & Feeling, the project’s third outing with the label and first LP of all new material: an immersion into meticulously montaged, irreverent lo-fi song writing, incorporating elements of sampling and musique concrete.

Nein Rodere is the moniker of the Berlin-based music maker and visual artist David Roeder. Having played in bands for more than 20 years – often times making improvised music with other “non-musicians” – Roeder was trained in painting and psychodynamic art therapy. This multifaceted background underpins the complex humour and multiple dimensions of meaning (and double meaning) that bubble below his work. The body of solo efforts that has slowly emerged over the last five years brings to mind the collage-style efforts of Letha Rodman-Melchior, Dean Blunt or Jim Shepard as much as the conceptual excursions into sound forged by visual artists like Anton Heyboer, Henning Christiansen and Jean Dubuffet.

Comprising fifteen “songs” of varied length, Form & Feeling’s title is a riff on the philosopher Susanne Langer’s book Feeling and Form, which interrogates the influences of art on the mind. Deeply influential on his own practice, Roeder explains “In a very…  more


released March 3, 2023

Recorded by David Roeder between May 2021 and May 2022.

Sleeve design by Musho Rodriguez.

Mastered by Mikey Young.