Nasssau – Auf Meeresspiegel (live im Makroscope)

Nasssau – Auf Meeresspiegel live im Makroscope Anxious Magazine

Recorded live at Makroscope, Mülheim, Germany on February 21 2020, 9pm.

released March 24, 2023

Music by Tim Diedrich, Dennis Dycks, Jan Klare, Julius Gabriel, Elisa Kühnl, Dominik Lau, Nils Herzogenrath, Edis Ludwig, Sebastian von der Heide, Este Kirchhoff und Niklas Wandt. Live Mix: Thomas Meckel.

The artist Hannes Wellfonder has designed the packaging. In the process he tattooed a psychedelic pattern and the name “Nasssau” on his body. His decision! He also tattooed the cassettes themselves, but buyers get a glittery sticker to cover at least part of the mess.