Maze & Lindholm – Carillon sans timbre ni marteau – Vol1

Maze & Lindholm – Carillon sans timbre ni marteau - Vol1 Anxious Magazine

Carillion sans timbre ni marteau are compositions preferably to be listen to on repeat.

After A River Flowing Home To The Sea LP released on Bedouin Records in 2020, Maze & Lindholm opens a new series of albums exploring compositional processes focused on cyclical time. Each volume of the new series will be a unique composition that can be listened to as a loop, of variable duration (up to 60 minutes). Radical meditative music on the borders of contemporary ambient, this first volume recorded in France in a renovated watermill, offers a 62-minute composition created mainly with an old music box.

released February 15, 2023

Music: Maze & Lindholm
Title: Volume 01
Length: 63’40’’
Mix: Daniel Bleikolm
Master: Yves De Mey
Artwork: Mattia Zucchelli
Design: Studio Fabio Biesel