irr. app. (ext.) – 2023 Monthly Digital Single: NDAS Revisited [March]

irr. app. (ext.) Anxious Magazine

released April 7, 2023

4 remastered tracks from the original NDAS series will be posted every month, with a bonus 13th installment available free to anyone who purchases all 12 monthly installments.

The Nine Day Antler Society was an obscure bi-monthly web music project initiated by Wm Rage in April 2012. It lasted until November 2014 and remained almost entirely unnoticed throughout its existence. The contributors variously involved with the Society included irr. app. (ext.), At Jennie Richie, R K Faulhaber, Thomas Carnacki, W A Davison, Eriijk Rêssler / Swastika Novelty Co. and Crank Sturgeon.

irr. app. (ext.) was the only contributor to remain active twice a month for the full duration. It proved to be good training for my later monthly digital singles, and provided the inspiration for the MDS idea.

Most of the irr. tracks were original creations made especially for the NDAS and a few were odd bits culled from my archives. Some of the material was subsequently revised and released (much of the 2013 album ‘Tuberpendicular’ developed from NDAS tracks, for example). The initial NDAS versions are usually different, but even when they are not I’ve still chosen to present them in this revisitation series, so there will be a small amount of overlap with other irr. releases.

Remastered at Rock Creek Tributary, Hillsboro in February 2023.

Sights & sounds by M. S. Waldron © 2023.