Eventless Plot – Distance Between Us

Eventless Plot – Distance Between Us Anxious Magazine

Eventless Plot joins forces with a duo of clarinets for the aptly titled Distance Between Us, an extended composition that gives sensual expression to the nature of distance and its implied correlate, closeness – reflecting and blurring the two across multiple levels both apparent on the music’s surface and hidden beneath it.

As with previous releases, the ensemble forgoes straightforward narrative forms in favor of a process they call ‘semi-composition,’ which involves a pre-determined assemblage of basic materials: tones, rhythms, melodic fragments, harmonies, textures. Musicians use these materials to guide their decisions whilst remaining free to play according to their own musical sensibilities, independently emerging and receding, spontaneously converging and diverging. The result is a kaleidoscopic music of slowly yet constantly shifting patterns, harmonies, and textures, a crystalline whole that, rather than presenting that which undergoes change, is the very expression of change itself.


released March 31, 2023

Eventless Plot – Piano, Prepared piano, Inside Piano, Tapes, Electronics, Modular synth
Chris Cundy – Bass clarinet
Margarita Kapagiannidou – Clarinet

Eventless Plot is
Vasilis Liolios
Aris Giatas
Yiannis Tsirikoglou

Composed & Edited by Eventless Plot (2021-2022)
Recorded by Eventless Plot & Chris Cundy

Mastered by Spyros Emmanouilidis
Mastered for vinyl by Giuseppe Ielasi

Cover art by Kike Besada