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Avenue Azure is the duo of Pete Harden and Saskia Lankhoorn, coastal-based musicians on The Hague’s North Sea. Written, performed, edited, and assembled by the duo, this debut collection of “almost-songs” is an intimate, enveloping listen featuring the pellucid timbres of electric guitar and piano, with occasional spectral vocals and emulsive electronics. The music traces landscapes, skies, and seas, creating atmospheres that occupy a liminal space, music of transition, that shrouds the listener in a dark comfort.


released March 31, 2023

Pete Harden electric guitar, electronics
Saskia Lankhoorn piano, voice, electronics
All music written and performed by Pete Harden &Saskia Lankhoorn.

All tracks recorded by Tom Gelissen, Pete Harden & Saskia Lankhoorn, at Studio Ensemble Klang,
WD4X, The Hague (NL) on 15-18 July 2019, 9 September 2019, 3-6 November 2020, and 5-6 March 2021, except “River Chorale”, recorded by Micha de Kanter, at YourSonics Studio, Rijswijk(NL) on 29 August 2019.

All tracks mixed, edited, and produced by Pete Harden & Saskia Lankhoorn.

Mastered by Christoph Stickel in Vienna, March 2022.

Photography by Satellite June.

Avenue Azure & Ensemble Klang Records are productions of Stichting Ensemble Klang, which is financially supported by the Performing Arts Fund NL, and the City of The Hague.

Ensemble Klang Records #13