acidether – living thought of a rose in yellow 2

cidether – living thought of a rose in yellow 2 Anxious Magazine

Second part of “Living thought of a rose in yellow” from russian dadaist experimentalist acidether. A colourful journey of noisy psychedelia.

“Music is too good a friend not to be smart. she once told me. shaking is just a way, divination is just a way. say hello dependable, goodbye dependable. from the forget-me-not shape of my hair. I answered him. you are right – an idiot, you are right because the prince. I’m sure the opposite is Tatar. we will hesitate because we are wrong. in a word I call the desire to know another. upset meaning – upset concepts.”

memory of Robert Ashley.

released March 3, 2023

Edited By – Ilya Tsarev
Recorded By – Ilya Tsarev

Ilya Tsarev – Electronic, keyboards, sound effects.
Vlad Temonen – guitar.
Andrey Mudrov – Oboe

Recorded on year 2020